10 Years of


Don’t Miss a week’s rent for 10 Years

  • Paid if there is a vacancy during the 10 Years
  • Paid if tenant is late paying the rent
  • Paid if the tenant cannot pay the rent for any reason
  • Paid if a new tenant is being found between tenancies

FIS 10 Year Rent Guarantee Difference

10 Years Without a Break

You are paid every month for 10 years without missing a single payment. This provides security and certainty for an extended period.

Minimum Rent Guarantee

Unlike most rental guarantee’s which may move with the market rent value, FIS includes a Minimum Rent Guarantee, so you know you will at least get that amount for 10 Years

Rent Increases

Whilst there is a minimum rent you will receive, the property manager will always try and secure you the highest rent possible. When rent goes up, you receive this higher amount.

Cease at Any Time

You have the flexibility to cease this agreement at any time, giving you the opportunity to on sell your property in the future, with or without the FIS rent guarantee.

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